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Please enjoy this Free download to help you release stress and negativity in just 10 minutes.  

If you enjoy the MP3 recording, leave me a comment and email the link to your friends and family!  Let's de-stress the world!

Stress Release

Free Waterfall Stress Release Visualization

Waterfall Stress ReleaseNeed some stress release?  Looking for a quick pick-me-up?  This waterfall technique visualization will rinse away your stress and tension and refresh you, mentally. physically and spiritually - and it's our gift to you! 

Close your eyes and relax as you're transported into a beautiful landscape, where you step into a waterfall and let it rush over you, washing away any stress, negativity and fatigue.  In no time at all you'll be peaceful and focused, refreshed, and ready to tackle anything!

Use this visualization every day to help train your inner mind to achieve a state of peaceful calm at any time, and amplify the lasting effects of the relaxation response - increasing your focus and mental acuity, lowering your stress hormones, improving your mood, and even increasing your health!