Life has many bumps and turns, and sometimes you need help to be objective and make the choices that are right for you. Professional athletes have coaches - to help them isolate the moves they need to work on and improve, why should you be any different? 

Our coaching program helps you evaluate your life and situation, and plan and take the steps necessary to help you achieve your wishes, goals, and dreams. You receive the guidance and mental training you need to improve your self esteem and confidence, balance your emotions, set and achieve goals, organize your thoughts and your life and be the success that you deserve to be.

Through specific mental training exercises with your coach, you uncover blocks that have held you back in the past and move towards what you want. You'll take control of any areas of your life that have seemed out of control, and increase your personal power so you can deal with any kind of situation effectively.
Your first session will be an intake about your situation, environment and goals.  Then we'll really get to work designing and implementing a life path that works for you to have the life that you want.  Depending on your needs, we may approach the following:

Defining, Declaring and Demystifying Goals
Increasing and Automating Motivation
Investigating and Building a Career Path
Defining and Achieving Desired Results
Creating and Maintaining Rewarding Relationships
Understanding and Changing Limiting Beliefs
Releasing the Past
Break Self Defeating Behaviors and Patterns
Building Confidence and Self Esteem
Finding and Developing Talent
Uncovering and Overcoming Blocks
Building Strong Self Image and Enhancing Self Love
Intense Forgiveness and Moving On
Organizing Your Mind and Life
and Much More...

Sessions are done by phone, so we ask that you find a comfortable, quiet place for your appointment where you will not be disturbed.

Sessions are 1 hour and are $100