FAQs About Hypnosis

Hypnosis is generally regarded with fear and awe. People are aware that major changes can be made through the use of the mind and hypnosis, and they are afraid of hypnosis because of how it has been portrayed in movies and by the media. Here are some common questions and answers about hypnosis.

Q     What is hypnosis?
A     Hypnosis has been defined as the bypass of the critical factor of the conscious mind for the establishment of acceptable selective thinking. Hypnosis is a natural state of being and normal people go into and out of different states of hypnosis daily. In a nutshell, hypnosis is simply getting past the conscious mind and communicating directly with your powerful subconscious mind.
Q     What if I can’t be hypnotized?
A     Any normally intelligent person can be hypnotized. This has more to do with the desire of the individual than the ability to be hypnotized. Many people think that because they are very strong-willed that they would make poor hypnosis subjects. This isn’t true, in fact, these people possess concentration skills that normally give them great success with hypnosis.
Q     Do I have to believe in hypnosis for it to work?
A     No. The degree to which you can be hypnotized is not completely related to how much you believe in it. There have been some amazing results from hypnotic suggestion on people who have claimed that they were not hypnotized.
Q     Do I need a referral from my doctor?
A     Some conditions require a referral, however the most common uses of hypnosis such as weight loss, smoking cessation, etc. do not. If you aren’t sure, ask your doctor or hypnotist.
Q     Is Hypnosis dangerous?
A     No. Hypnosis is a normal state of mind which people experience every day. If you get engrossed in a book or movie, go into autopilot when driving, or listen very intensely to music, you are in a state of hypnosis. At any point in time during a hypnosis session, you have the ability to open your eyes, get up and walk out the door, even if you felt that your legs are very heavy or your eyes felt glued shut. A hypnotist is incapable of making you do anything that is embarrassing, shocking, unacceptable or irreversible.
Q     What does it feel like to be in hypnosis?
A     Most people say that it feels very relaxing and comfortable, almost a dreamy state. Some people report sensations of floating, or of heaviness, but always very pleasant.
Q     Will I say things under hypnosis that I don’t want to?
A     Absolutely not. Hypnosis is not a substitute for truth serum. You choose what to share and what not to share, just as when you are not in hypnosis. You are not unconscious or asleep while in hypnosis and are always aware of your surroundings.
Q     Can a hypnotist make me do something against my will?
A     No. Contrary to what you see in stage shows and on TV, you won't be clucking like a chicken. The hypnotist has no "power" over the client.
Q     What if I don’t “wake up?”
A     It’s not possible to “get stuck” in hypnosis. If the hypnotist left the room you would either fall asleep and wake up naturally, or your inner mind would realize that there was no voice guiding you, and you would emerge as if you had been in a deep sleep.
Q     What is the subconscious mind?
A     The subconscious is the inner part of the mind and works mostly behind the scenes to take care of you. It is responsible for your long-term memory, storing everything that you have ever experienced. It also is the seat of your emotions, generating and storing them. The subconscious is where your beliefs are stored as your internal programming, and they run your life much like a computer program runs its functions. Your subconscious is there to protect you, and by working directly with your subconscious mind, your hypnotist can help you make beneficial changes.

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10 Easy Steps to using the Law of Attraction for Manifesting Prosperity


Prosperity with HypnosisCut through the confusion of the Law of Attraction.  These clear, basic steps are what you need to propel you to prosperity fast.

It’s 7:30 in the evening, and I’m sitting down with a cup of tea. Earl Grey, my favorite. I pull out a magazine and immediately the phone rings. 

It’s one of my coaching clients, Marcia, and she’s in tears!  “I don’t get it,” she says.  “I watched the secret, I’m trying to stay positive, I’m thinking about what I want. But I’m in the same financial situation I was in a year ago – what am I doing wrong?”

If this sounds like something you are experiencing, this is the perfect template for you, giving you guidelines to follow in order to change your thinking, release your blocks and create and receive the prosperity and abundance that is all around you.



  1. Take responsibility. Realize that you are energy, and that you have spent your entire lifetime creating what you now have. It’s easy to see what kind of a creator you are – simply look around you – what is already in your life? Step number 1 is to take responsibility for yourself and the life that you have created. All of it.
  2. Forgive yourself. Yes, you have created your life as it is…but you have not done it consciously.  You created what you have based on old beliefs that may not be serving you well anymore.  “Money doesn’t grow on trees…money is the root of all evil…and we can’t afford it” are probably deep seated beliefs that may take some time to effectively uproot and change. Stop blaming yourself and start taking steps to pay attention to every thought that you create.  If you need help with forgiveness, we have resources that can help you.
  3. Take 10. Commit to at least 10 minutes a day of deep meditation or self hypnosis where you can visualize the life that you desire.  This is vital, and if you do not do this, then you need to take a look at how committed you really are to having a life that you love.  When visualizing, put your self in the picture…you want to feel how it is to live that life, have that house, be a member of that community, spend that money and relax on the beach.  The more intense you can make those positive feelings, the more power you put into your communication of what you want.  Be clear, be detailed and have fun with it.  Focus on the end result, and don’t be concerned with how it will be delivered to you.
  4. Be consistent. For most people, this is the hardest step.  “How can I pretend I’m rich when I can’t pay the power bill?”  You have to train yourself to look for the good, the prosperity in everything.  Are you sitting in a comfortable chair? Do you have entertainment in way of a TV or radio? You hear beautiful sounds and see beautiful sights around you all the time – look for them and acknowledge them.  Practice feeling the way you want to feel. Remind yourself that everything in life is temporary…even though it may not seem so, it will pass. Focus your energy on the positive as much as you possibly can in the life that you have. With practice, it becomes easier and natural.
  5. Give up need.  You don’t need anything. If you are alive and breathing, clothed and fed, you simply have all you need. EVERYTHING else is luxury. Power is luxury. Phones are luxury. We have so much more than we really need…think about all the stuff you have that you don’t use. You probably don’t even know all the things you have.  You have everything that you really need already, and more. When you visualize and think thoughts, remember that you are already taken care of, and that now you are going for what you really want. Now you are consciously creating your life – a life that is prosperous and good.
  6. Give up guilt. Guilt is a very strong emotion with only one purpose.  To motivate.  If guilt is not motivating you to get what you want, give it up. If you feel guilty about having money or asking for money, take a look deep inside and see if you feel like you deserve to be prosperous. You may have to wrestle with your belief system here, but get to the core issues behind your guilt, forgive and let go.
  7. Be grateful. One of the best ways to keep yourself in a positive emotive state is to practice being grateful.  Do it all day long. Be grateful that your hair is cooperating today. Be grateful that your car starts, be happy that you can walk, talk, eat, read…there is so much to be grateful for.  Don’t just say it…feel it. Be grateful already for the results you want. Always focus on feeling how you will feel when you have what you want. It doesn’t matter how you get it. Feeling grateful sends out powerful vibrations that draw what you want closer.
  8. Be patient and take action. It took a while for you to create your world as it is. Be patient with yourself and the Universe while you re-create it. Simply take the actions that you feel are right – always moving in the direction of prosperity. Action is crucial…nobody is going to get rich sitting on their couch watching soaps. Get out and meet people, help others, and work to your highest and best potential. Maybe you don’t like your job, but treat it as though it were the best job in the world anyway so you can create those positive feelings. You might even find that you are enjoying yourself more than you think!
  9. Love yourself unconditionally.  You are a part of all that is. You belong. You deserve to have prosperity and abundance in your life.  You are moving forward. Accept yourself for who you are and who you are not, and as you do, you will find it easier to love and accept others unconditionally as well.
  10. Believe.  That’s right – it’s the key factor. You must believe that prosperity is in your life and that you are creating and manifesting more. Look for signs that help you believe – little things that are out of the ordinary, experiences that help you learn. Pay attention to resistance – that means that you have beliefs that are out of alignment with what you want. Isolate those beliefs and resolve them – find a good coach to help you if you need to.

 Consistently follow these guidelines, resolve your past conflicts and beliefs that are out of tune with the vibrations of prosperity, and very, very soon you will begin manifesting the prosperity and abundance you desire in your life.




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Hypnosis, a Powerful Tool in Complementary Cancer Care

By, Jack Bleeker

February 9, 2010

Complementary therapies, while not given the attention that more traditional cancer therapies may receive, are perhaps equally important while undergoing treatment for certain types of cancer. Patients diagnosed with difficult to treat malignancies will often use these types of therapies in conjunction with traditional surgical, chemotherapeutic, or radiology techniques to form a more comprehensive and effective treatment regimen. Among the most important and effective alternative therapies utilized by those diagnosed with cancer is hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy has been used for many years in clinical settings. Hypnotherapy’s role in cancer management however, is relatively new and indications are that its utilization has not been fully maximized yet. Effective cancer treatment often depends on the patient’s ability to not only defeat the cancer through treatments but also to maintain their health and mental spirit throughout the painful side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation.

Often, the symptoms and effects of the cancer itself on the body are negligible compared to the pain and other side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. This is where acupuncture has been said to be most effective. Cancers such as mesothelioma, which are often unable to be removed by surgical means, are often treated with some combination of chemotherapy and radiation. While these potent therapies can be effective in eliminating some of the tumor mass and growth, they also profoundly affect the health of the surrounding tissue. Symptoms of these effects including fever, nausea, and general pain have been dramatically reduced through the utilization of hypnosis. Patients, who are able to withstand these symptoms and recover quickly, will often be able to be more aggressively treated, increasing the efficacy of the treatment regimen as a whole. Some specific hypnotherapy techniques utilized in pain management include altering the neurophysical configuration of pain, control of anticipatory anxiety, and targeted imagery.

Hypnotherapy techniques may not be appropriate for all patient’s pain and individual symptoms but it’s certainly worth exploring as it can do very little harm in experimenting with integrative therapies. The goal with alternative therapies, as with traditional therapies, is always to increase the effectiveness of treatment as a whole. If hypnotherapy can assist in any way in helping patients recover or manage symptoms of chemotherapy or radiation, then it will have contributed to the treatment regimens overall efficacy and should certainly be utilized.


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