NGH Hypnosis Certification Classes



New Hypnosis Certification Class starting in April 2018! Join us for an intensive, hands on hypnosis training where you will learn the most current, leading edge hypnotic techniques and mental exercises that will give you amazing results - both for yourself and others!  Imagine - you could be a Certified Professional Hypnotist in just 7 days!

Added Material!  Introduction to Faster Hypnosis! Measurable results that will convince your clients just how powerful Hypnosis is - and get results with every session.  Build your confidence and get a great blueprint for the perfect session - every time! 

Your National Guild of Hypnotists Certification class is taught by a Certified OmniGrad - a graduate of the best hypnosis training program in the world.  You'll be trained in the best, most modern techniques, and learn a duplicatable process for hypnotism that you'll use in your own practice to get awe inspiring results with your clients, friends and family.  And you'll receive a FREE membership in NGH - the oldest hypnosis organization in the US - recognized nationally and internationally.


Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who wants to learn how their mind works, why they do the things they do, what blocks them in life and how to overcome it to be the person they've always dreamed or known they could be
  • Someone who is passionate about helping themselves and others live their lives to their fullest potential
  • Life Coaches and Career Coaches who are looking to add tools to their toolbelt and skyrocket their client results
  • People who want a career as a part-time or full-time professional hypnotist working in areas such as smoking cessation, weight control, stress management, sports or study skill improvement. 
  • Licensed mental health counselors, physicians, nurse practitioners or other healthcare providers who wish to add hypnosis to their skill set.
  • There are no educational prerequisites for this course though the National Guild of Hypnotists requires that anyone certified under their organization not have been convicted of a felony and agree to adhere to an Ethical Code.

Course Description:

Completion of this 100 hour course (75 hours classroom and 25 hours homework) satisfies the requirements of the National Guild of Hypnotists for certification as a Certified Hypnotist, Consulting Hypnotist or Certified Hypnotherapist. 

This is an intensive program with a great deal of hands-on practice. You may be asked to recruit volunteers from among your friends and family to visit the class so students will have a chance to practice with people and receive feedback.

There is a final examination that must be passed and attendance at all classes is required unless prior notification is given and some form of make-up arranged.

Investment: $2995(includes one year free membership in the National Guild of Hypnotists,, and all class materials)

Schedule for April/May 2018


April 22-24

May 3-6

All classes will run 8:30 – 5:00.  A final exam will be administered on the last day, and a graduation celebration will follow. Training will be held in the Central Florida area.


You'll Learn Basic and Advanced Hypnosis Techniques, build confidence and be equipped to conduct sessions around many issues. 

Hypnosis Certification Class– What is Hypnosis?
– Preliminary Suggestibility Tests
– Cautions of Hypnosis
– How to Hypnotize
– Inductions; many styles
– Depth Testing
– Deepening Techniques
– Suggestion Management
– Emerging clients from hypnosis
– History of Hypnosis, Ethics, Business Practices and much, much more
– Marketing methods and resources


You will learn how to explain hypnosis to clients as well as:

  • Pre-induction talk
  • How to establish rapport
  • Hypnosis for smoking cessation
  • Hypnosis for weight loss
  • Hypnosis for stress reduction
  • Hypnosis for motivation
  • Hypnosis for pain reduction
  • How to set up your hypnosis practice and build your client base
  • Precautions in the use of hypnosis
  • Hypnotic regression
  • Various advanced techniques including brief overview of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)
  • Introduction to Faster Hypnosis technique
  • And so much more!

 NGH Hypnosis Certification class

Specific topics to be covered include:

The purpose and types (authoritarian and permissive) are discussed, demonstrated and practiced.

An in-depth discussion of the qualification of subjects, including common fallacies we encounter, occupational susceptibility, age and susceptibility of highly impressionable and emotional people.

Several induction techniques are taught and practiced and all participants are critiqued.

Emergence awakening methods are demonstrated. Participants practice a self-hypnosis induction and awaken themselves.

Participants are introduced to the six depth stages of hypnosis and the criteria for judging trance depth.

Participants will learn the rationale for using self-hypnosis and how it can influence all phases of their lives. In addition, they will be introduced to the world of suggestion.

In this lesson we discuss conditions favorable or unfavorable toward induction of hypnosis.

A 3-step method is demonstrated and participants actually construct their own system for teaching a complete program.

Participants are taught to structure sessions with clients, including the development of actual treatment plans.

Through case studies, role-play activities and illustrations, the practical applications of using imagery in conjunction with proven ego-strengthening techniques are explored and practiced.

The varied possibilities and options open to enhance a profitable hypnosis practice are explored. This includes how to start, expand and market your private practice. 

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